Zagreb of Croatia A Aust See

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Croatia is home to beautiful coastlines, stunning lakes and forests, a fascinating , and delicious sea-to-table cuisine. Looking for the ultimate sailing getaway? A escape? An adventure in the great outdoors? Croatia has it all.

I’ve returned to Croatia over and over again, experiencing its unique culture, the stunning Krka and Plitvice Lakes, and sailing its beautiful seas on The Yacht Week. In addition to the popular southern, including Dubrovnik and Split, there’s the Istria nestled in the northwest corner of Croatia. Istria is heaven for foodies and has a rich blend of Italian and Slavic heritages, mountainous landscapes, and vast Winelands.

WhenWe lived in Zagreb, we loved strolling the Upper town, cycling Jarun Lake, or hiking to the Sljeme Mount.We also enjoyed having a coffee downtown, picnic in the Maksimir Park, going for a day to Samobor, or for a lunch to the villages dotting the hills of Zagorje.

There are seriously so many things to do in Zagreb, that you’ll quickly want to extend your stay here.Zagreb is vibrant. It is flat and thus a perfect place for long strolls or for cycling. Zagreb is relatively small compared to other European capitals. And, it has lots of parks and even forests within the city limits.

The upper town is my favorite part of Zagreb. Here you will find some of Zagreb top sights. This part of town is exactly what its name suggests: it’s a part of the town perched on the slopes of the Medvednica Mountain. Along with Kaptol, this is the oldest part of the town. Remains of town walls and towers that surrounded the Upper Town in the medieval times are still preserved.

Zagreb’s upper town is a truly romantic part of Zagreb. It’s never overcrowded, and the traffic here is limited. It’s full of landmarks, secret passages, small museums, art galleries, and fun bars. You’ll also find here a Croatian Parliament building.

Zagreb’s Upper town features some of the Zagreb top attractions: the Lotrscak tower, Stone gate (Kamenita vrata), St. Marc Church, Museum of Broken relationship, Stross promenade, the Mestrovic Atelier, the Klovicevi Dvori gallery.

But besides all those obvious sights and landmarks, Zagreb’s Upper town is famed for its secret sights, many courtyards tucked away from the main streets behind unassuming facades. Two events particularly celebrate this side of the upper town: Secrets of Grič, and Dvorišta.

Downtown Zagreb is perhaps the town’s area where you will spend most of your time in Zagreb. However, don’t limit your visit to the main square and a few streets around it. While a visit to those Zagreb Croatia points of interest is a must-do, we recommend that you seek out Zagreb tourist attractions beyond the few obvious ones.

So, here are our suggestions for what to see in Zagreb downtown.

Jelacic Square, Zagreb’s main square, is the starting point for exploring the downtown. The square is huge, with lovely buildings surrounding it on all four sides. The majority of buildings date back to the 19 th century and feature different architectural styles: from post-modernism, Art Nouveau, and Biedermeier.

Many trams pass through the main square, connecting different Zagreb neighborhoods. Climb up the skyscraper in Ilica 1 for awesome 360° views of Zagreb, go to the chocolate & candy store Kras for some sweet souvenirs to bring back home, make a wish at Mandusevac fountain, or dance a night away in Johann Franck Club.