Visit Peru, Find Some Peace.

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Peru has fascinated travellers for centuries. It has been a constant source of inspiration to culture connoisseurs, historians, artists and travellers alike. Join us on this trip of a lifetime through the heartland of Peru on a vacation where you will see the desert, spend lazy evenings in drool over Incan ruins, witness wonders of the world, crumbling villages, and the mighty Amazon Rainforest.

Tall mountains are topped with undulating grass . The road stretches out in front of eyes . Beyond it , I can see a glacier peeking through mountain tops and then there is that sky , that snatches my breath every single time look at it. Peruvians worshipped Pachamama .


Ever since we got back, many of you have asked us to divulge information about our itinerary for Peru. Well, we finally have a guide for you to plan the perfect trip to Peru. Adjust the days according to the time you have at hand, because it is easy to spend months in Peru. Choose hotels according to your budget – Peru has everything from basic backpacker accommodation to luxurious boutique hotels. But don’t waver when it comes to the destination – Peru is special in so many ways and you must experience it for yourself.


There is an airport in Cusco but chances are you will fly into Peru’s busy capital, Lima. Lima is a large and sprawling city with unsafe pockets. Take adequate precaution and book a hotel in a safe area. Miraflores, Lima’s upscale suburb is the hub of most tourist accommodation in the city. Expect beaches, flower-lined promenades, parks, and shopping centres here.

If you want to escape the sanitised safety of Miraflores, Lima’s bohemian district Barranco is the answer. It is Lima’s response to London’s Brick Lane or Berlin’s Kreuzberg. Here colourful houses populate streets laden with bougainvillea. Quirky street art adorns walls, hole-in-the-wall eateries call out to tourists, and locals go about their daily lives. Barranco is home to a burgeoning community of artists and musicians and it’s possible to discover a number of great acts at small independent bars here.

Other things to do in Peru

1. Hike the Inca Trail

Getting to Machu Picchu is best via the famed Inca Trail. This multi-day 26-mile (43 kilometers) hike allows you to see the mountains, jungles, and follow the route the Incas used to take. It is a truly spectacular hike, but it is certainly challenging and you may suffer from altitude sickness. There are two ways to do this hike: you can sign up to be part of an organized tour, or you can hire your own private guide. You cannot hike the trail independently. Tours start around 2,165 PEN ($650 USD) though you will want to spend money and invest in a reliable, reputable company. Recommended companies are listed at the end of the page.

2. Visit the Islas Flotantes de los Uros

The Floating Islands of the Uros may sound like title but it is actually the name of the group of handmade islands in Lake Titicaca. The Islands are home to the indigenous Uros people who have built their own houses, islands and boats from the tortora reeds which grow along the banks of the lake. This is an extremely touristy site and is a bit exploited as such, so it’s not for everyone.

3. Surf at Máncora Beach

Seafood, watersports, horse riding and relaxation are the order of the day at this popular beach resort. Máncora is one of the finest beaches in South America and its year-round sunshine and huge waves also make it Peru’s surfing Mecca. Prices here can be expensive December to March so it’s best to book in advance.