Peach Office’s Latest Headquarters Revive an Old Property in Sao Paulo

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The latest headquarters for architectural practice PEACH office was designed to preserve and highlight the characteristics of an old house with a contemporary touch. As expressed by the team, with this project, they were able to create a work space that collaborates with the city and inserts a new form of occupation in a pre-existing building. The interior architecture, with a home atmosphere, provides a greater interaction of the team, stimulating our creativity through the happiness to be in a warm environment, causing our work to flow in a genuine way’.

Naturally, the place chosen for peach office firstly came through the search of a property where customers, architects, employees and suppliers could easily access. The second premise was create the feeling of being at home: ‘never looking for a conventional corporate office, we wanted a property with identity and advanced age, with a discrete architecture of a certain time so that we could make our architectural insertion part of são paulo’s consolidated urban fabric’.

The main facade of is marked by a yellow steel door, crowned by prisms that fit together, creating a small marquise. as described by the team, it is a ‘yellow point inserted in the chaotic and organized landscape, without creating another urban border, but taking part of all the existences around’. Meanwhile, the interior of the residence has its masonry maintained but some of it has been peeled some of it to expose the solid brick. on the other hand, the architects recovered the wooden floor and stairs along with its stained glazing made of colorful hammered glass.

Since it was mandatory to rework the electric system,  the office chose to use apparent circuit and lighting pipes, not only to recreate the interiors but also to facilitate the passage of new wiring without damaging existing masonry. All the lighting was performed with conventional high performance LED reflectors, reinforcing the industrial style and providing indirect and comfortable light to value the rooms without defining their layout.

All furniture was designed by PEACH, including the tables that kept people from facing the wall to provide greater communication and interaction. The material used in this case is natural plywood with textured white formica.

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