Hitting that sweet spot


With the clean-label drive showing no evidence of slowing down, confection and chocolate manufacturers are adapting to a changing market. Environmental concerns, health concerns and sustainability may be priorities for today’s consumers, but flavour and innovation have never been more important. Divakar Kolhe from Future Market Insights reports on the global picture.

In the world of food, chocolate remains at the heart of all things delicious. What we are seeing, however, is a definite shift towards new or reformulated confectionery being positioned as a ‘healthier indulgence’, to suit both the ‘better-for-you’ claims attached to it and customer demand.

Research has shown that consumers are trying to eat more healthily and confectionery sales globally are likely to be driven by protein-rich sweets, sweets using natural colours, and premium dark-chocolate1 variants. Innovative positioning coupled with attractive packaging ensures products stand out on the supermarket shelves.

Increased new product development (NPD) along with visible shifts toward non-chocolate confectionery is also anticipated. In terms of revenue, Lindt, Haribo, and Yildiz Holdings are projected to remain the top performers in the global confectionery market.