Best Dog Ever Lives Happily Ever After

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“Best Dog Ever Lives Happily Ever After” is the wish that all loving pet parents have for every single dog in need across the planet.

In many cases, the right dog ends up with the right people.*  Perhaps you have the best dog ever, and you are right: We all have that best dog ever. For Joey, his rough start in life has not dampened his spirit, tenacity, and the life force he has become on social media.

Baby Joey was found as a puppy with nearly both of his rear paws chopped off, and through a stroke of fate, Fidose of Reality intertwined with his life.

This is not a story of graphic images or broken spirits: It is a tale of strength and inspiration.

A Bite Out of the Big Apple

When the folks at NYC Second Chance Rescue learned of Baby Joey’s plight, they did not hesitate. His foster mom, Regina Mendoza, and I kept in close contact for close to a year. Readers to Fidose of Reality may recall this canine advocate for overcoming obstacles.

From physical therapy to orthopedic visits, Baby Joey kept pace with life’s challenges.

After reading about this miracle puppy who needs prosthetics and rehab on our blog, the folks at Merrick® reached out to help get Baby Joey work towards his best day ever.

And thus the journey began. Merrick poured their hearts, time, funding, and food with Baby Joey and eventually he was fitted with custom-made prosthetics, hoping to find what all homeless dogs wish for: A loving forever home.

The Next Steps of Baby Joey

The fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality is Wigglebutt Warriors(r). In 2016, we hosted a gala event where Baby Joey’s foster mom, Regina Mendoza, won the award of Wigglebutt Warrior of the Year for fostering over 120 dogs and helping them get them into loving, forever homes!

At that time, Baby Joey still did not have a home.

With the click of a mouse and an act of fate, that all changed.

“The sun, moon, and stars all aligned that day,” Tanya Diable says of the day she saw Baby Joey online, waiting for a loving forever family. “I told my husband that he is our dog.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Except that Joey, no stranger to challenges, had an uphill climb ahead.

Timeline of a Champion

Having custom made prosthetics and learning to use them can test the will of any dog, but Baby Joey is a special being. In order for the amputated leg, or the “nub” to accept the prosthetic, he would need an adequate amount of fat and muscle.

An infection set it, specialists were called upon, and a unified team of experts decided it was in Joey’s best interest to amputate.

“His gait has slightly changed, but he has been doing really great,” forever mom Diable shares. “I won’t lie, it is challenging but the reward is greater than one could ever expect.”

Best Dog Mom Ever

If ever a title so appropriately suited a pet parent, it is Tonya Diable. Along with her husband, they adopt special needs dogs, including their current blind chocolate Labrador and a Pit Bull who was found starving and abused. The magic touches of love and dedication transform these dogs into loving beings who shine from within.

Feeding The Troops

Through the generosity of Merrick Pet Care, Joey is eating a diet of different canned flavors and loves his Merrick Backcountry diet. The grain-free stews give Joey the taste of exotic proteins like rabbit, venison, and salmon. Along with the fresh cut veggies and hearty gravy, he eats like the king he is.

For a snack and being a good boy, Diable provides Power Bites, which are soft and chewy treats that include real deboned meat as the first ingredient.

Joey will need that protein and strength from a quality diet because he is due for new prosthetics and is getting a new sister soon! Cara was thrown from a car, requires heart surgery, and is currently in the care of TLC Rescue in Georgia.

Ties that Bind Forever

Betsy Berger, Communications Manager for Merrick, says that seeing the powerful bond of that dogs like Joey create is what motivates them.

Joey’s mom shares her heart and soul in relating, “I have to apologize for getting emotional during the interview.  I am so very grateful for Merrick for everything that they have done for Joey.  I know he would not be where he is now without them.  We are SO Blessed to be have Joey in our lives.  We would go anywhere and do anything we could to help him.”

Don’t apologize for being a heart filled with love and a life filled with generosity, Tanya. We are in awe of you, and we honor you during Be Kind to Animals Week and always.