10 Unique Photography Tricks Anyone Can Do At Home

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Sometimes we can get caught up in the complexities of photography and forget that it’s a fun, creative experience.

And part of having a fun, creative experience is exploring unique ways to add a little pizzaz to the photos you take.

Our friends over at COOPH – the Cooperative of Photography – just released a new video that outlines 10 ways to make your photos better.

The fun part is that each trick is unique and it’s something you can do right from the comfort of your own home!

Check out the video and a summary of each trick below:

Make Your Own Glitter

All you need is some aluminium foil and some scissors, and you’ve got a recipe to make your own glitter.

Just grab a handful and sprinkle it above your subject, and you can get a cool effect like the one shown above.

Go Close

Not all of us have a macro lens handy. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking close-up shots! COOPH suggests you use a magnifying glass to create a quick and easy macro look. And judging from the shot above, it looks pretty darn cool!

Hack Your Flash

Artificial lighting gets a bad wrap sometimes.

Sure, it can be on the harsh side, but there’s things you can do to make it emit more interesting light.

All you need to do is make a DIY diffuser out of semi-rigid foam, and you can create beautiful lighting effects like you see above.

Underwater Selfie

You can create an underwater selfie at home with nothing more than a GoPro, a selfie stick, and a fish tank.

Just set the camera to 30fps burst mode and rapidly dunk the camera into the water.

The action of the camera entering the water will force the water to the sides to create the awesome underwater selfie shown above.

Cool huh?

Shoot With Fruit

I know it sounds a little crazy, but shooting with fruit can actually render some very eye-catching shots.

As seen above, a collection of different fruits with various shapes, colors, and sizes gives you an image with tons of visual interest.

Add in some water for the addition of some splashes, set your camera to a fast shutter speed, and drop the fruit into the camera’s field of view.

Who knew something so simple could be so beautiful?

Create Lens Flare

Adding a little lens flare to your photos is a pretty simple process to do in-camera.

Just hold a lighter in front of your lens (not too close to the lens, of course), frame up your shot, and voila, lens flare!

If you don’t fancy holding a lighter in front of your lens, try a small flashlight aimed down the barrel of your lens for a similar result.

Warp the Perspective

One of the simplest DIY photography tricks you can try is to warp the perspective of the shot with water.

Simply fill a clear glass with water, place it in front of the subject, and you’ve got an eye-catching addition to your shots.

For an even trippier experience, flip the image upside down as seen above!

Fake the Background

Create a whimsical shot by placing your subject in front of a fake background.

Place a figurine in front of a large image, frame a tight shot on the scene, and you have the makings for a fun photo.

The image above was created by simply opening a photo book and placing it behind the toy. Pretty simple, right?!

Shoot Through Water Drops

What do you get when you combine colorful candy, a sheet of plexiglass, and a few water drops?

Crazy, mind-bending images like the one above!

Shooting through water drops has the same effect of warping the perspective that shooting through a glass of water does.

But in this case, you get more bang for your buck because each water droplet magnifies the candy below!

Back Up Your Images

Of course, after all that fun DIY photography you’ll want to ensure your images are safe.

Be sure to back everything up, recharge your gear, clean up, and you’ll be ready to go for next time!